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Sarine to Provide ‘Birth Certificate’ for Lucara Rough

June 28, 2020

RAPAPORT... Sarine Technologies has expanded its collaboration with Lucara Diamond Corp. to include provenance traceability for all diamonds listed on the miner’s rough-sales platform.

Clara, which enables customers to obtain individual rough diamonds with the exact specifications they require, will now provide information on the source mine for each stone, as well as scanned 3D model data through the Sarine Diamond Journey, the companies said last week.

“For those customers who have subscribed to the Sarine Diamond Journey, this will create a verifiable ‘birth certificate’ of each rough stone’s source that will service as the initial reference for the stone’s provenance record,” Sarine noted.

Sarine will be able to add additional information to the log once the stone has been manufactured, allowing it to offer mine-to-retail traceability, it added.

Lucara, which owns the Karowe mine in Botswana, began working with Sarine in 2018. The technology company provides inclusion mapping for rough listed on Clara, creating a digital fingerprint of each diamond’s attributes, including its size, color and quality.

“Issues of responsible and sustainable sourcing are key to consumer confidence in our industry today,” said Lucara CEO Eira Thomas. “The data generated by Sarine…will facilitate a definitive proof of the stone’s initial source, adding value throughout the diamond pipeline.”

Image: Sarine equipment. (Sarine Technologies)

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